The Secret Cyclamen Hill in the Ben Shemen Forest

Already in the middle of winter, even before the official announcement of the coming of spring, the hills surrounding the
Modi’in region are covered with a spectacular Israeli bloom.

But the sweetest flower of all, covered with pink carpets with noble charm, is the cyclamen. In the Ben Shemen Forest of the Jewish National Fund, some people will discover secret secrets, hidden among the trees and between the rocks and such luxurious carpets of pink cyclamen. On the proposed tour route
here for a spring day full of experiences and nature, we will discover one secret cyclamen hill in the heart of the forest. You do not have to stick to the track. As long as you do not get lost in the forest, you can search during the flowering season for similar hills only private and confidential.
A pleasant spring excursion for the whole family in the Modiin region, starts on the road to Ben Shemen (Ben Shemen interchange from Highway 6 or 1) and turn from Route 443 to Route 4314 towards Monkey Park and Kfar Daniel. After a kilometer of drive, according to the signs to the right, turn to the access road to Monkey Park. Here, among the forest trees, there is a charming attraction for the whole family in which the visitor is presented with an unmediated view of the living world of the many different monkeys living there. The site also serves as a rehabilitation center for distressed monkeys (outside the visitors’ area) So the visit to the park is also a contribution to the Israeli Monkey Sanctuary.
To enjoy the spectacular cyclamen flowering that covers the Ben Shemen Forest, exit the access road to the Monkey Park, cross Highway 4314 and continue straight into a dirt path (9105 on a black marking road map) suitable for all types of vehicles (except on rainy days).
To the right is a carob, to the left an olive grove, traveling slowly until you reach a large crossroads with a prominent pump structure in the center. Here turn left into the Ben Shemen Forest and continue straight until the next intersection, then choose the left road again and continue until the end of the Aliyah. Drive slowly, on the hill to your left the cyclamen begin to appear among the pines. Look for a path that goes left into the trees. There are some. Park the vehicle by the side of the road, and just walk through the trees. Cyclamens will fill the entire landscape with a sweet pink and between the cyclamen and pine trees you will see a
spring flowering perfect Israeli land.
Do not pick this clear, But also try not to tread and certainly not to ride on and of course to collect with you back the garbage. After enjoying the spectacular flowering (it is recommended to bring a simple flower set and find out the names of the flowers together) and a small picnic, return to the car and continue on the dirt path until the next intersection.
Turn right and from there you can take the next turn left towards road 4314 or turn right and continue to enjoy the view of Ben Shemen Forest, according to the signs to Mitzpe Modi’in. You can continue from here to the Neot Kedumim reserve (also on Route 443, but on the other side), which offers an ancient journey to the Land of the Bible.

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יישובי רמת הגולן וגבול הצפון, יישובי בקעת הירדן, יישובים מעבר לקו הירוק, יישובי עוטף עזה, יישובי הערבה, אילת וים המלח,בתי חולים , משרדי ממשלה, אוניברסיטאות.
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