On Succot, we spend time in the Modi'in region!

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About the association

In February 2011, the Association for Tourism, a member of the Hever Modi’in Tourist Association, set out with the support of the Havuy Regional Council of Modi’in, out of an addict who has been involved in tourism throughout the member.

A knowledgeable member is a rousing hand, full of tourist attractions and the young association loses its tourism business in the city of the council, and the young people in Dunl are sitting in the audience, with the aim of avoiding the appeal of Honer.

Aoun promotes the creation of cooperation and seminars between the tourists and tourists and the construction of tour groups. To make it easier for those wishing to tour the area to find what they wanted. as well. Within the framework of the Tourism Business Forum, there are degenerate workshops on entrepreneurship and vocational training, which are related to the product, and the expansion of the gaps, as well as the promotion of the tourism investigative projects in the member towns.

The members of the mohel of the Thiranat Ruban Association are: Ayer de Pau of Tirat Yehuda – Chairman of the Mohel Committee. שוש נוזרטקי מב | Oil, Dalia Tab]. Marinatia. Shimi Aviv from Kfar Huner Ben Shemen, Karnit Atiya from Tirat Yehuda. O ‘Eilam Mualem of Kfar Truman and Arikatias Malpich,

She was moderated by Merav Friedman-Raner.

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