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Limor Saltnik – Lim art and chocolate

She is engaged in painting and sculpture in chocolate and marzipan

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Shirley Siegel

Painted painter from a torch.

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Ruth Ben Avi

A jewelry designer and a news reporter from Lapid.

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Adi Hazut-Menachemi adi hazout-menachemi

A multi-disciplinary artist dealing with ecological creation in a variety of materials, from a torch.

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Sigal Boria, a ceramicist

She studied art at the Avni Institute and has been engaged in art all her life, from painting, sculpture, artistic flowering and even dancing.

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Nurit Teva

A ceramicist and owner of a ceramic studio in Moshav Ben Shemen

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Osnat Shimoni Mizrahi

She is a ceramic artist and has a ceramic studio in Bnei Atarot.

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Orna Caro

She has a ceramic studio and a ceramics studio in Tirat Yehuda.

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Admon Galor

A talented ceramicist from the introduction of informants

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Claire Achwan is engaged in ceramic painting and sculpture

An art therapist and a teacher who studied at the Haifa WIZO, the Oranim Seminar and the Beit Berl College of Art.

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Eldad Maestro – Photography Studio

Eldad's studio in Bnei Atarot offers photography and production of books, art and photography workshops in small groups.

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Chinese pottery studio – Ofira Alkobi – Givat Kach

An island of peace and quiet
In a magical studio in the heart of the Moshav Special pottery with a high level of finish and a lot of love.

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Shahar Yossi – Glass Art, Ginton

Creates glass art in two main work configurations:

Fusing, which is suitable for creating plates, plates, bowls, vases and cauldrons

Glass casting, suitable for sculpture. Custom-made for architects and interior designers.

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Moti Schwartz, creator of wooden dolls

Grandpa Motti designs and creates wooden dolls of various kinds.

Starting with flexible puppets composed of 20-30 pieces representing dance, sports and more ...

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