Menachem Laska – a tour guide

A well-known veteran guide who specializes in the Modi’in area

Member of Moshav Beit Nehemia, Modi’in District

Special expertise in training in the Modi’in region.

For many years he has been training courses for instructors of knowledge of the country.

Graduated from the Avshalom Institute.

He is active in the following circles : Nemusmatika, the Zvi Ilan Circle of the Avshalom Institute, and the Trustee of Antiquities.

Active participation in archaeological excavations and surveys.

Active in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel Petach Tikva Branch: Senior instructor and member of the travel committee.

Member of the Tourism Committee of the Hevel Modiin Regional Council.

Special expertise : history, material culture, archeology and sources.

Extensive knowledge of Israel’s various areas of knowledge.

Specialization and development of training programs including construction of visualization facilities.

Extensive experience in family, adult and children tours throughout the country.

Writing articles for the press on issues of knowledge of the country.



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