Ilana’s white pearl, torch

A high quality massage will release the muscles and give you the energy needed to continue the week. The massage will be wrapped in an atmosphere of peace accompanied by fragrant candles and pleasant music.

When you separate from one road and climb up Route 443, which crosses green fields and the Ben Shemen Forest, you will reach Lapid.
In Lapid’s belly lies Ilana’s house. The green name is attached to the whiteness soothing and fresh, a pampering treatment wrapped in soft lighting on relaxing waves of music.
Where you can indulge in a professional massage containing and adapted.
A meeting of excellent technique for brilliant touch intuition.
Suitable as a birthday present for the anniversary of the end of a hike or cycling on forest paths during the week and on Shabbat.
Suitable for men, women and pregnant women and excellent as a gift.

Ilana Khalifa – 052-2243109



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