Havat Gilad – Touching the Wild

An ecological farm in Moshav Ginton, which is a center for activities, tours and workshops in the fields of agriculture and the environment.


The farm has an olive grove, a domestic goat pen and a freedom bed, flower beds for vegetables and herbs without pesticides, and a demonstration of deciduous fruit orchards and other crops according to the seasons.

In autumn and spring there are activities open to the public that are known in advance, and on the rest of the year the farm hosts groups for activities in advance.

Groups and tourists are invited to the farm for a unique activity that combines the fragrance of the Land of Israel with experiential workshops and authentic hospitality.

Gardens and schools come to Hava for a day of enrichment and experience, a variety of experiential activities in the areas of agriculture, nature, environment and ecology. We believe that experience and direct contact invite the natural curiosity to turn us around.

Instead of open spaces with pleasant corners, a covered indoor shed and a composting compound where the home garbage becomes organic matter that enriches the ground.

General Information

The farm
At the heart of a green lung between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has developed another place with a special charm surrounded by green fields and many wild animals, Havat Gilad.

The farm is an ecological farm that covers an area of ​​about 10 dunam on which an olive grove grows, a goat pen laborer, and vegetables, fruits and herbs, without the use of pesticides.

The farm has open spaces with pleasant corners, a covered shed and a composting compound where the home garbage becomes an organic substance that enriches the soil

The farm serves as a center for tours, workshops and activities, events and other activities, and acts as a meeting place for all those who wish to take care of the land and enjoy a different form of entertainment.

Those who are interested in a special event or activity in nature can enjoy the advantages of the farm with many spaces and pleasant seating areas that invite its guests to relax in front of the green landscape and Tel Hadid on the horizon.

The team is currently working on other green projects, including a rainwater harvesting system, a gray water system for irrigating the vineyard and various sites for summoning birds.

how it all began

In 2003, about 50 mature olive trees were transferred from the Kfar Daniel vineyard to the farm. Ever since then, the trees have been cultivated and grow as a husband with little watering a pipe during the hot summer days. These days we see that the trees are typical Israeli trees adapting and do not need additional irrigation, Syrian olives and olive trees of Nabali variety.

Syrian – the most common variety in the region, from which most of the oil was produced in ancient times. It is especially common in the Galilee region. Its source in Lebanon is near the city of Tire, hence the disruption of its name. Its fruits are juicy and taste rich and aromatic. It tastes slightly bitter and bitter.

Nabali – an Israeli species similar to the Syrian variety that ripens before it. Is particularly prevalent in Judea and Samaria. The fruit is more round and tastes lighter and more delicate.

The farm began its activities in October 2008 with the olive harvest celebrations held every year on the farm.

Activities for preschools and schools – learn and experience first hand

Gardens and schools come to Hava for a day of enrichment and experience, a variety of experiential activities in agriculture, nature, environment and ecology, we believe that the experience and direct contact with nature and environment invite children to natural curiosity to turn us in this way the study is intuitive and enjoyable.

Suitable for end of year / beginning of year activities.
Enrichment workshops in nature

A vegetable garden workshop where we will learn how to start building a vegetable garden in the garden or on the balcony, grow tasty and healthy vegetables ourselves without using pesticides, experience field work and apply existing cultivation methods.

The Ecological Farm Workshop The children as active partners study and study the nature surrounding us. We will learn about the wild animals in the Dan region, wild plants and field cooking, built in mud, created from wood and recycled materials and discover new worlds.

It can be held as a series of meetings or as a one-time activity.

On two occasions a year, the farm opens its gates to visitors with a festive and special happening of fun and fun in a natural atmosphere in the open air.

The harvest celebration – Each year during Sukkot, the farm opens its gates and visitors are invited to the olive harvest at the farm, a unique ecological activity for Sukkot.
The “Olive Harvest Celebration” is a small and festive family event. Visitors can take part in the olive harvest, and at the Olive Harvest Workshop, each child receives an olive jar he has prepared for home. There are experiential ecology workshops and creative workshops from recycled materials. The young visitors will be able to get to know the goats in the farm, bake the pita on the fire, and hike in a natural, green and shady area.

Harvest Celebration – During the holiday of Shavuot, guests are invited to a unique ecological activity for “Harvest Celebration”.

At the happening, visitors will be able to participate in an experimental wheat harvest in the field. The children will experience the threshing process, separating the grains from the wheat and experiencing the entire process of producing flour from wheat, from wheat to bread.

A full day experiences in a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

· events
Havat Gilad offers you a variety of options for events and activities, contact us and build a perfect event together

Days of Formation / Fun in Nature – Get out of the office routine to a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

Groups are invited to the farm for a unique activity that combines the fragrance of the Land of Israel with experiential activities and authentic hospitality. A fun day, a day of socializing or a friend on the farm is a departure from the office routine to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Unique outdoors workshops with a variety of activities including goat herring, milking goats, plowing with donkeys as in ancient times. In addition, it is possible to combine cycling, horseback riding and rangers with a rich, pampering Pauika meal.

Evening activities, sitting around the bonfire, singing in public, hookahs and hosting Bedouin style accompanied by roast meat dishes on the fire, an evening he will not forget.

It is possible to assemble together a perfect event tailored to the client’s needs.

Events in Nature – Farm Experience

A variety of events, outdoor workshops, tours can be held on the farm Horseback riding, ATVs and rangers accompanied by a pampering meal on the ground, to leave the office and enjoy a different atmosphere. To sit around the bonfire with the whole department, hookahs and games like in Sinai accompanied by grilled meats on the fire.

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