Hasmonean Village

An educational tourist site that illustrates the ancient way of life in ancient Israel in its sub-sites, Neveh Midbar, the village of Noach, the Hasmonean village and the archaeological park.


The site is open for visits and activities throughout the year (including weekends) by appointment, and includes a guided tour of the site with activities for children.

The visitors’ center has a corner for self-preparation of coffee, services and a special experience for families.

Following are the summer programs for hosting visitors – holidaymakers in the Hasmonean village of Shilat:

Experiential birthdays with special activities for children. The program is suitable for children aged 7 and over. It includes organizing at the visitors’ center, storing refreshments and drinking in the refrigerator and freezer. A short introduction with emphasis and full attention to the child for whom the birthday is held. In the home blessing based on the basic data that the parents pass before the meeting. Immediately afterwards, a group instructor visits the children on the site and activates them in the following activities: operating the ancient olive press, writing in columers, arrowing and feeding, feeding the chickens, ducks and goats in the animal corner, creating pottery, creating bags with growing plants in the village, coins. A tour of the restored old house, the ancient synagogue, the tent, the natural cave, water sources and more. Every activity lasts about 20 minutes, so the children do not always get everything and the instructors get tired. Afterwards, the family slices a cake and refreshments for the children at the visitors’ center, lighting candles and singing. This is the end of the three-hour program. The parents bring their children to the Hasmonean village and eventually come and take them. The price is NIS 35 per participant. In any event, the payment is not less than 1000 NIS as a minimum for one group. It is possible to decide with us on the day that is convenient for you and to set the time for implementation. Which lasts most of the day.
A summer camp for mothers and other camps (of individual organizations, etc.). The activities and explanation are done in a similar format to these birthdays, but the children of the summer camps are given an easy and understandable language in understanding the ancient material culture of our forefathers by experimenting with the ancient crafts themselves. These tours and activities can be booked in the early morning from 08:30 and 17:00 The price is NIS 35 per participant, parent and child, minimum of 10 participants.
And for social gatherings of groups of friends.
Absorption of the group with refreshments of hot drinks and cookies. A brief introduction by me as founder and director of the site, which includes enrichment on regional and historical issues. Afterwards, a 45-minute tour of the secondary sites of the Hasmonean village, including the Hasmonean village, the Neolithic village, the oasis and the Roman region. At the visitors’ request, activities such as writing in colosseums will be possible if they are interested in it. Price: 1000 NIS for one group.

If you want to continue leisurely and conduct a meeting in the Visitors Center, for an hour and a half – two hours is possible plus 350 NIS.

Tourists – Relatives. Definitely possible and very enjoyable for tourists. Our level of instruction in English is identical to Hebrew. This includes activities for the children of tourists who feel suddenly at home and not as tourists … The minimum price is 400 NIS for tour and activities. If the number of visitors exceeds 15, the price is 35 NIS multiplied by the actual number of participants.
We will be very happy to receive you this summer in Kfar Hashmonai
Zohar Baram. Founder and director of the Hasmonean village of Shilat.

ישובים הבאים אין אפשרות משלוח:
יישובי רמת הגולן וגבול הצפון, יישובי בקעת הירדן, יישובים מעבר לקו הירוק, יישובי עוטף עזה, יישובי הערבה, אילת וים המלח,בתי חולים , משרדי ממשלה, אוניברסיטאות.
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