Crane navigation events for families and organizations

Ami Gur and Oded Ovadia, certified navigational guides, offer popular and sportive navigation activities for families, schools, organizations and companies in the Ben Shemen forest area and the surrounding area.


Navigation for families

Another Shabbat is coming … and you are looking for an activity that will suit the entire family. An activity that has added value and is suitable for everyone …

So why not join family navigation?

This is how you can encourage a mother who has found out that everyone missed. Look at Dad during his days in basic training in the Golani Brigade, and you will be able to combine the child in the kindergarten with the girl in elementary school and even the adolescent child in the brigade. To join).


Navigation for organizations and companies

The navigation is right for any company or organization looking for a slightly different experience:

An activity that strengthens the consolidation and the group dynamics

Develops the interpersonal relationships between members of the organization,

Emphasizes values ​​of leadership, cooperation and competitiveness.

An activity that will take everyone out of the office for an extraordinary experience in nature!


Who does it fit? Simple to all!

For families
Organizations and companies that want days of fun and some other consolidation
For traveling groups
Schools and kindergartens
For those who want to celebrate an event in an original way (birthday, bar mitzvah and even a silver wedding …)
Disabled people and special accessibility needs.
How many people does it fit?

From a group of 10 to 250 people. We can provide you with intimate navigation events as well as large navigation events suitable for organizations, local authorities and institutional bodies.
The navigation routes are selected and carefully planned – depending on the age and abilities of the participants.


About Us:

Ami Gur

42, a resident of Beit Hashmonai, married with three children.

He is a certified instructor and trainer and has a BA in History and Orientalism and an MBA.


“I spent many weeks (and fun!) In my military service as a combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade, then as an intelligence officer on the ground and in the operational wing, and the maps remained connected to me in a vein. , And since then I have expanded the training of navigation to other sectors, and I train a small and enjoyable fitness group (but still have to maintain health), but mainly organizes trips for families, schools and organizations and anyone interested.


The areas close to my home in the Gezer Regional Council, the Ben Shemen Forests and the Beit Shemesh Forests are among the most beautiful and welcoming areas in Israel for those who want to travel and experience fun experiences in nature. My love (and some natural talent), navigation and hiking left me too few choices, and led me to work in a field that I truly love: to navigate, to travel and open more and more people to a very enriching and enjoyable world – the world of navigation. ”


Oded Ovadia

48, a resident of Lehavim, married with one daughter and two sons. Certified navigational guide and master’s degree in zoology with specialization in birds.

“I was an active sports navigator from the age of 10 (yes, yes, almost 40 years), I served as an air force navigator in the regular army and reserves, and for some time now I have been a guide I recently completed a sailing course and I hope to start navigating the sea as well.


I make sure to work in the fields I love. I was recently discharged from the IDF after 20 years of service in the Israel Air Force, during which I established the Birdwatching Section and headed it for more than 10 years, during which I also specialized in solving conflicts between birds and flight safety. He also spends quite a bit of time photographing birds. “

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