Bike tour in the Ben Shemen Forest

The route passes through the Ben Shemen Forest. The route was arranged for riding by KKL-JNF, which supports cycling and investment in the construction of a well-organized and quality walkway system in the forest.

The track is marked in blue on the trail marking maps and is also known as a brutal single. Brutia is a kind of pine planted by the JNF throughout the country. The trail passes next to the first 11 details of the oldest of their kind in Israel (will be mistaken in 1929). This is a 8 km long loop, which is not far from Mitzpeh Modi’in, and is technically relatively easy and suitable for most riders.
The entrance to the forest is at the beginning of Highway 443 East. From Highway 1 (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv) you descend east of Ben Shemen interchange toward Modi’in. About 2 km from the interchange there is a right turn to enter the forest and Mitzpe Modi’in. Where we will camp.
Start at Mitzpe Modi’in, and turn west through the eucalyptus and pine groves, near the old brothel grove, to the Mexican parking lot. Turn right onto the exit road from the forest and right next to the junction enter the single again, heading south along the fence. The single turns east and then performs beautiful winding curves in the forest until it crosses a main axis along a stream and a large intersection.
They cross the stream over a small old dam (Saharon), and then face two possibilities: first, to return to Mitzpeh via the blue trail, which turns left and north, or ride the asphalt road to Modi’in. Those who have come for a long ride can turn right after the dam to the long single, a grape, marked with red paint.
The intersections between a single and a dirt road are marked with two large stones. The stones are designed to create a language for drivers and riders to remind them to ride and drive carefully at these meeting points.
Length of the route: 32 km. There is a possibility to exit at the end of Single Herzl, 8 km from the starting point
Cumulative height: 660 m
Cycling direction: anti-clockwise only
Riding difficulty: Moderate
Approximate riding time: 1 hour – 1 hour, each 3-3 hours
Suitable for riders at medium riding level. The short Herzl is also suitable for less
experienced cyclists
Water points and services: In Mitzpe Modi’in,

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