Ben Shemen Farm – Doron Farm

A rustic horse farm, located in the heart of the Ben Shemen forest landscape, in the Ben Shemen Youth Village.

The farm is managed by Doron Sheffer – a veteran horseman, a professional trainer, a riding instructor and a graduate of the Wingate Institute and a field-riding instructor.

The teachers and instructors are qualified and have knowledge and experience in imparting riding theory. The farm offers a variety of activities with horses – for learning and self-employment.

* Western riding school – learning riding from the age of 4 begins with an emphasis on the child’s contact with the horse, the experience and pleasure and progresses when the coordination of the movement improves, coordination improves and learning ability increases.

* Therapeutic riding – starting at the age of 4. This is a field that is in full swing in Israel and combines many advantages that lead to beautiful achievements in working with various difficulties: weight and stability problems, concentration difficulties, hyperactivity, low self-esteem.

* Cycling tours in Israel and abroad – a wonderful riding experience in nature, even for those who have never rode horses, in the most beautiful area in the country – the Ben Shemen Forest. Riding abroad in different places for riders with experience in field riding.

* Executive workshops – workshops in the field with horses for every purpose that the organization sets for itself. Training days, fun days, enrichment workshops for employees and managers.

* Horseback riding board – The horses enjoy spacious spaces and fans, fine food and dedicated and warm care. The farm facilities are equipped and professional. The farm is located near Ben Shemen Forest – one of the best and most beautiful riding areas in Israel. At the farm there is a club for friends to enjoy together before and after riding.

* A place for social events – on the farm is a beautiful and pampering club that can be enjoyed in social and family events such as birthdays, various meetings, etc.

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